Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

What is your contact information?

  • Phone number is 520-255-9166   Email   NO Text Messages

What time is check in, and check out?

  • Check in is at 3pm - If you arrive early without prior approval you may be charged an additional fee of $50.
  • Check out is at 11am.  If you check out late you will be charged $50 for every 30 minutes additional.

Are guests allowed to visit?

  • Guests are allowed to visit the property but MUST be pre approved prior to arrival.  Each Day Guest must pay an additional $20 per person per day and they are only allowed on the property from 8am-5pm.  There are no exceptions so please do not ask.

Are pets/animals allowed?

  • No pets or animals of any kind are allowed on the property.  Do to the amount of wildlife, birds and severe allergies or the staff and guests we do not allow any animals on the property at all.  There is a local boarding facility called Going To Grandmas that you can make arrangements with if necessary.  Their number is 520-378-6000.  If a pet/animal shows up on the property, you will be asked to leave with no refunds issued.

Do your cabins have internet?

  • The rental units including Cowboy Cabin and Hummingbird Cabin have hard wired WiFi internet.  It is more than adequate and we have had no complaints about speed.  Most cell phone carriers also have signal available.  We use Verizon without any problems on the property.

Do your rentals have cooking utensils?

  • The Hummingbird and Cowboy Cabin are very well equipped with almost everything you will need to prepare meals including, pots, pans, baking sheets, mixing bowls, cooking utensils, measuring cups, knives, cutting board, blender, cutlery, plates, bowls, glasses, wine glasses, bottle opener.  

What kind of coffee do you provide?

  • We provide a medium roast Breakfast Blend ground coffee with drip coffee maker.  There is sugar and powdered creamer.  We also provide 2 packets of instant oatmeal, 2 granola bars, and 6 packets of assorted tea.

What is provided in the bathroom?

  • We provide bath towels, hand towels and face clothes.  We are an ecofriendly establishment and try to reduce our consumption of water and power and do not provide additional towels.  We have liquid body wash in the showers, and hand soap for the sinks.  Please be mindful of the amount of water you use while staying with us.  Thank you.

Do you have washer and dryers?

  • We do not have washers and dryers for any of our guests to use.  There are several places in Sierra Vista if you need to do laundry.  Try Snow White Launderette.

Are you open to the public?

  • Yes we are open to the public daily from 8am-5pm.  We have over a mile of trails and a Bird Garden for Day Guests to enjoy.  It is $10 per person for the day and do to the sensitive nature of the wildlife and environment WE DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 13 OR ANIMALS OF ANY KIND.  We ask that you call when you arrive at the property and we will meet you and guide you onto the property.  Trespassing will not be tolerated and anyone caught "looking around" will be asked to leave.  Please be respectful of our property and guests and abide by our rules.  Thank You