The Owner/Operators - Jen and Greg

Our journey to find this amazing place was a unique ride we were so fortunate to have. Jen is originally from the Phoenix area and Greg graduated from ASU with a degree in Landscape Architecture. Although we drove through Tucson numerous times we never knew what existed in this corner of the state. We lived in Colorado after graduation for 18 years. Greg worked as a P.G.A. golf professional while Jen created an amazing atmosphere in which to raise/homeschool our children. Colorado grew very quickly and became expensive and crowded. We decided to sell our home, live in our Airstream motorhome and explore the country for a new home and slower pace of life. We had so much fun seeing and experiencing new places, meeting people and making friends as well as visiting friends and family. We were heading back west during the winter and were chased out of Texas by the polar vortex of 2021. While camping at Kartchner Caverns state park, we met some folks that recommended hiking in Ramsey Canyon. We packed a lunch and headed south to see Sierra Vista and Ramsey Canyon. As we entered the canyon we remarked how beautiful the landscape was and how it reminded us of Colorado. As we headed out we saw that Ramsey Canyon Cabins was for sale and we were able to purchase the property! We love this property and all of the beauty it has shared and opportunities it has brought us. Creating awe inspiring landscapes and places for people to reconnect to nature and themselves has always been Greg's dream. Sharing the property with our guests is very gratifying and we love hearing about their experiences while they are here exploring the property and surrounding areas. We hope you are able to come and enjoy this amazing place for yourself!

Ramsey Canyon Cabins