Ramsey Canyon Cabins

Because of Ramsey Canyon's unique "Sky Island" environment numerous animals and birds call it home year round or during their migration. It is the hummingbird capital of the nation hosting such species as the Annas, Berylline, Black Chinned, Blue Throated Mountain Gem, Broad-billed, Broad-tailed, Calliope, Costa's, Rivoli, Rufous, Violet Crowned and White Eared, all of which have been documented on our property.  March thru August are the best months to see many of them.  With over 170 different species of birds that come through the area, it is a true Birders Paradise!  We have over 60 bird and hummingbird feeders with seed, suet and nectar throughout the property to increase your viewing opportunities as well as a  dedicated Bird Garden with 20 feeders, two water fountains and plenty of shaded seating to relax and enjoy. Please call us at 520-255-9166 with any questions you may have and visit our Bird Garden page for more information. Click here to see the most recent eBird checklist of birds sighted on the property.

We are dedicated to helping preserve Ramsey Canyon for all to enjoy by way of reducing our footprint, no further development and not hosting large events that are intrusive on the canyon and wildlife that calls it home.  Please consider supporting us by staying in one of our well appointed cabins, RV sites or by making a donation of any kind.  We truly appreciate your help!

Coues whitetail deer, and Goulds turkeys are abundant and on the property everyday, and you may also see coatimundis, grey fox, ring tailed cats, racoons, squirrels, skunks and javelina.  Approximately 40 Gould's turkeys live on and around the property.  For about 7-8 months of the year, October to June, the turkeys put on a nightly show when they roost in the Sycamore trees along the creek next to the Cowboy Cabin.  It is definitely a sight to be seen!  They gather by the Cowboy Cabin as sunset approaches and during twilight they take turns running and launching into the trees.  Please keep your distance and do not encroach as you could scare them away.  

During Elf Owl season, approximately February - September there are a pair located in the Sycamore trees next to the Cowboy Cabin.  At dusk, after the turkeys have roosted, they become active and provide opportunities for viewing and picture taking.  There is a bench and chairs pointed at the nest location.  We have also been very fortunate to have a family of Whiskered Screech Owls nest in a Sycamore tree near the well house on the property.  They do move around and are hard to spot with their beautiful camouflage.

The property consists of 8 private acres, sits at approximately 5400' in elevation and is part of the larger Huachuca Mountains.  The change in elevation from the valley creates an amazing environment Most don't expect to find in "the desert".  There are 4 different trails that total a little over a mile on site. The trails meander through the property and along spring fed Ramsey Creek offering views of the canyon cliffs (reefs), Sierra Vista and Dragoon Mountains. We are only a 1/4 mile from the Ramsey Canyon Preserve which also offers many hiking trails and birding opportunities. If you don't want to walk or drive we offer a shuttle service with our golf cart.  The canyon is heavily treed with a large variety of Pines, Junipers, Oaks, Sycamores, Maples, and Cottonwoods which help keep temperatures about 15-20* cooler than Phoenix and 10-15* cooler than Tucson in the summer, highs in the low 90's, making it a perfect getaway to beat the summer heat or for a change of weather during any season! Click here to see our local weather.

Whatever season you choose, Ramsey Canyon is a welcome escape from the noise, distractions and stress of everyday life. Reservations are available online. If you have any questions about our newly renovated cabins, Owls Nest, RV Parking and property please feel free to call Jen at 520-255-9166. Thank you very much for your interest, we look forward to your visit!

Ramsey Canyon Elogant Trogon
Elogant Trogons are found in Ramsey Canyon.

Ramsey Canyon Cabins
Ramsey Canyon
Fall colors along Ramsey Creek. View Creek Video