Ramsey Canyon Cabins Bird Garden

The Ramsey Canyon Cabins Bird Garden is the perfect place to sit relax and let the birds come to you!  We are an eBird hotspot with 127 species identified with just 500 lists.  Check our latest eBird report here.  We have over 20 feeders in the garden area with a wide variety of food to attract as many birds as possible.  Different bird food includes, seed, suet(store bought and homemade), citrus, jelly, nectar, nuts and fruit.  Two water fountains and water stations allow for all of our garden visitors a chance to rehydrate.  Coues Whitetail Deer, Goulds Turkey, Gray and Rock squirrels are regular visitors to the garden.  Our garden is very easy to get to by following the paved Ramsey Canyon Road 3 miles west off of Highway 92 and then it is a very short walk on an easy grade into the garden.  If you have mobility issues we can help accommodate with closer parking or a short golf cart ride to make you only steps away from the seating area.  The property sits at about 5400' in elevation and has an abundance of trees to help keep you comfortable on those warm sunny days.

Bird Garden Hours are 8AM-5PM everyday.  $10 Per person for access to the Bird Garden and nature trails.

Please consider supporting us by staying in one of our cabin rentals or RV sites or with a donation of any kind.  We would gladly accept bird seed and suet of all kinds, we do appreciate your support!

Now offering guided tours of the property. $25 per person grants you access to the property and bird garden and a one hour guided tour. We will take you through the 8 acre property and help you identify the flora and fauna as well as point out nests, habitats and other interesting facts.

We have a public bathroom on site.  We also have space for RVs, Campers and Vans up to 28'.  30amp electric is available, please call with questions or see our RV Site rental page for more details and to reserve.

NO children under the age of 13 or animals are allowed on the property because of the sensitive nature of the environment and wildlife that is always present.

NO smoking of any kind on the property to due the extreme drought conditions and fire hazard.

ALL Day Guests MUST call 520-255-9166 when they arrive at the property.  You will be greeted and guided to the Bird Garden.

While many birds do come into the bird garden we also have 4 different trails that total over a mile that take you through the 8 acre property where more birds and animals can be found.

The Majestic View trails leads you out of the Bird Garden and connects you to the rest of the trails. This trail is .3 miles one way. Halfway through the trail there is a seating area with bird feeders that has a beautiful view of the Ramsey Canyon Cliffs and Ramsey Peak. Along this trail you will find information about different plants and trees as well as find a pair of Coopers Hawks and their nest.

The Creekside trail parallels Ramsey Canyon Creek and is .25 miles one way. Along this trail you can see larger trees like Sycamores, Cottonwoods, Pines and Junipers. When the water is flowing through the creek it is an amazing journey that passes several seating areas with bird feeders and plenty of shade to sit and enjoy.

The Valley View trail is our shortest trail at .17 miles one way, but has about a 100' elevation gain. At the top of this trail their is a seating area with amazing views of the Sierra Vista valley and Dragoon Mountains on the other side of the valley.

The Outer Loop trail is our longest trail at .31 miles one way and travels along Ramsey Canyon Road and the private drive E Folklore Trail. This trail also has a sitting area with bird feeders and at night offers views of a pair of Elf Owls that nest in the Sycamore trees by the creek during their season.

Ramsey Canyon
8 Acres - 4 Trails - 60 Feeders - Bird Garden / Click to View Video